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Your Content Delivery Strategy Might Need an Update


As you may know, for some time we’ve been building a network service designed to increase the overall efficiency of content delivery across the internet. It’s now available for use by both traditional and decentralized websites and applications.


The content delivery infrastructure layer (CDN) – a high-throughput network of edge nodes running on a native data delivery protocol (CSL), is based on a blockchain enabled smart contracts layer.


To deliver content, the network employs spare bandwidth capacity from household computers, routers and data centers. This, in turn, creates a widely distributed caching layer for your content to be delivered upon.


As of today, the network has grown to more than 5000 nodes and continues to expand globally. At any given second, at least 300 nodes from the network are up and running with 25TB of available network storage allocated to our current customers (comprised of over 150 websites and applications from various countries). This network as a service we’ve created is called NOIA Cache.


The Code Is Yours

To create a functioning network, we’ve built an open-source Content Delivery Technology and shared it with you on GitHub! Use it on your NOIA Network nodes or deploy the code to your own private network for more customized deployment. But the NOIA Cache network is more than just a service. Tweak the open-sourced code to build your own network. A set-up guide is being prepared and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


A Solution For Regions With Poor Connectivity

NOIA Cache is already being used by academic institutions and non-governmental organizations located throughout the world, including Hawaii, South Africa, Laos and Madagascar to name a few. The technology is deployed not only in delivering content but also for building private networks that are used to establish better Internet technologies and infrastructure in poor connectivity regions.


Start Using NOIA Cache Today

Learn more about NOIA Cache on our newly updated webpage. The set-up process is simple, but if you do have any difficulties, we’re always ready to help you with onboarding. Contact us whenever you’re in need of some help or information.