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Weekly Development Update

Another week passed by and a lot has been done. Here’s our latest development update presented by our Chief architect Miao.

Work in progress:
Slightly delayed, but very close to the release:

  • Public Demo
  • Open source node

GDPR Readiness Architectural Discussion
Since 25th May 2018, it is imperative for all business that has presence in the European Union to be GDPR compliant.
In NOIA Network, the privacy of our users is at the center of our CSL(Content Scaling Layer) design. But unlike traditional CDNs, we face unique challenges to be GDPR compliant. Therefore, we need to use thousands of third-party nodes as our data processors.
We have our architecture in place, and we are working with legal professionals familiar with the GDPR to validate our design.
The key aspects of our GDPR compliant architecture is:

  • Our CSL protocol puts privacy protection at the center of the design, in order to increase the chance that consumers consent to use CSL to accelerate their internet experience.
  • While anyone can run our open source NOIA node and may even modify the code, our CSL requires participating NOIA nodes to be original copy of the software which has privacy/GDPR features enabled. It will be part of the “data processing agreement” between NOIA Network company and the participating nodes.
  • We will not store any PII(Personally identifiable information) on blockchain, since on Ethereum transactions occurred are not erasable. We will use technologies such as IPFS for NOIA nodes to store necessary metadata, and the hashes of the metadata will be stored on blockchain instead. With IPFS, the owner of the data will be the one who stores the copy, hence the rights of data deletion/export are covered automatically.

Great news are near!

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