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Weekly Development Update

NOIA Network developers are gaining momentum! Here’s some exciting pieces of work they’ve developed over the last week.

* Proof of concept demo, coming up in the first half of the week [short video demo teaser, 1min];
* Launching our first P2P network testing with 60 nodes across the globe;
* One master node managing all the nodes;
* NOIA Token (on ETH Ropsten testnet) successfully integrated – nodes get rewarded with test tokens.

* NOIA governance smart contracts development are currently in progress. [short video presentation, 1min];
* Traffic adaptation model integration with cloud controller also ongoing.

* Controller dashboard proof-of-concept development. The objective is to show how much traffic is requested at the NOIA Network, and measure the efficiency by testing how much of it actually gets cached.

Here’s a video explaining everything in detail:

Tune in next week! We’ll have even more captivating news by then.