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Weekly Development Update

What a productive week! Thanks to that, we have exciting things to show you. We’ve been working with WebRTC for some time now and we’re ready to present you with a proof of concept demo today.


Proof of concept: webrtc-direct

To make noia node be able to serve content to web browsers or mobile webviews using WebRTC RTCDataChannel.


  • End-to-end encryption provided by RTCDataChannel without requiring noia node to have valid SSL certificates;
  • Easy to use server/client programming interfaces for using WebRTC RTCDataChannel, encapsulating the details of how WebRTC peer connections function internally;
  • Noia Invention! Data port multiplexing: all rtc data channel from different clients are multiplexed in one data port. Noia node would then only need to expose two ports to the public in order to server content.

Demo video. 
Repository: To be public soon!

Work In Progress:

See you next week!