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Tech team

James D. Robinson
CDN architecture
Jim served as the original Director of Network Operations at Akamai Technologies, Inc. where he was responsible for building and managing the global Network Operation Center from the ground up all the way through to the IPO. Today, the network delivers 35% of all Internet traffic.
Miao Zhicheng
NOIA architect / developer
Miao has worked in the software industry for more than 10 years, while at Skype he worked closely with its peer-to-peer network stack - he has the knowledge of how to put the vision into practice for building decentralized software systems.
Jonas Simanavicius
Jonas co-founded Clouder after spending 3 years in J.P Morgan, working as an Associate Applications Developer. He previously worked as an Analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland. Jonas holds a 1st class Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from University of Edinburgh.
Virginijus Magelinskas
CDN architect
Virginijus has over 18 years of professional experience in IT. Being a Solutions Architect, he designed various IPTV/OTT solutions, created private CDNs and mastered AWS, Akamai and Google CDN products like the back of his hand. Virginijus holds a Master's Degree in Information Systems Engineering.
Justinas Valutavicius
Co-founder / Senior CSL developer
Justinas has over 11 years of professional experience. He's held the CTO position in multiple IT companies. Before co-founding Tellq, he developed complex GPS truck tracking systems. Besides being a full-stack developer, Justinas also has a deep understanding of neural networks.
Vytautas Jurenas
Quant developer
Vytautas has 8 years of professional background in finance and energy sectors. Vytautas holds MSc in Econometrics, he specializes in designing and coding algorithms and is well-equipped with machine learning knowledge and practice.
Jaanek Oja
Blockchain developer
Jaanek has worked in software industry for almost 20 years. Being hands on programmer in frontend and backend developments, leading teams and architecting complex systems. Past years he has helped Startups to succeed in building their software stacks and products.
Danielius Dvareckas
Junior CSL developer
Danielius is a developer with deep understanding of algorithms, software systems architecture and high performance browser networking. Past years he has been working on large-scale multi-biometric system development.
Dovydas Navickas
Development Lead
Dovydas has founded several companies and has an extensive experience in architecting and building large high-performance systems, managing efficient teams and delivering quality products.
Martynas Zilinskas
Software engineer

Tech advisors

Ahmed Shawky
CDN infrastructure
Ahmed is a PhD with 12 years of experience in Networks and distributed systems. His first job was forecasting Network capacity and building a network for TDC - the largest Internet Service Provider in Denmark. While Senior Capacity Planning Manager at Akamai Technologies, he assisted regional teams in realizing capacity plans for strategic locations.
Anatoly Ressin
Smart contracts
Anatoly has plenty of professional experience in the industry. Having contributed to Civic (as a contractor), C.T.Co (senior software developer), #Decent (core developer), New Horizons CLC. He also founded Blockvis - smart contracts development and consulting company.
Daniel Hulme
AI, Machine Learning
Daniel is the CEO of Satalia, a company that provides full-stack Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. He is also the Director of UCL’s Business Analytics MSc, applying AI to solve business and social problems. He is a serial speaker for Google and TEDx, as well as a faculty member of the Singularity University.

Business team & advisors

Domas Povilauskas
Co-founder / Business
Domas co-founded one of the most fastest-growing SaaS startups in the Baltic region - Tellq. His understanding of network technologies and data streaming businesses led to the initial concept of NOIA. Domas is responsible for business development and product vision.
Kipras Kazlauskas
Co-founder / Investments
Kipras is an independent financial advisor focusing on Venture Capital, Private Equity. He's made several early-stage investments in different startups. Kipras is responsible for investor relations, legal and organizational aspects of NOIA.
Domantas Jaskunas
Co-founder / Operations
Domantas comes from a financial background with international education and work experience. He's funded different startups and now co-founded NOIA. Domantas is responsible for the operational side of the project - overseeing Product, Marketing, HR and other areas.
Edwin-Alexander Kuss
Sales strategy
Edwin, a Regional Director at Limelight Networks, one of the 5 leading global CDNs, is highly experienced in the CDN industry providing insight into the competitive landscape regarding pricing, capacities and services.
Joony Koo
Joony Koo is a partner at Block Crafters Capital, a leading crypto fund based in Singapore and also a founding member of Block Crafters, a leading blockchain acceleration firm based in Seoul, where he engaged in investments to 14 projects and helped accelerate more than half of them.
Mirza Uddin
Mirza is a Harvard educated, venture capitalist who specializes in early-stage technologies. Most recently he focused on researching distributed ledger tech at Two Sigma, the largest quantitative hedge fund in the world. He is on the advisory board for some of the most promising distributed ledger-based protocols.
Tobias Spröhnle
Business Development
Tobias is a recognised thought-leader in financial data products and financial market infrastructure. He held senior positions at the German stock exchange, Markit and the London Stock Exchange and was CEO of Thomson Reuters Benchmark Services.
Tadas Langaitis
Tadas is one of first CFA certified finance professionals in the Baltic region, he has been a partner at an investment bank, worked in the first VC fund in the Baltic states. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he also co-founded multiple non-profit organizations. Tadas is a former Member of Parliament of Lithuania.
Marc X. Ellul
Marc is the Managing Partner of Ellul & Co. Marc has been a member of the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council for the past 10 years. He is actively involved in distributed ledger technology based startups, advising them on the set-up of regulated exchanges, public token sale and the establishment of digital asset investment funds.