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NOIA Network partners with e-shelter

Once again, NOIA Network is happy to announce yet another meaningful partnership, this time with e-shelter, one of the leading data center operators in Europe, providing highly secure environments for housing and connectivity of IT and network systems.


e-shelter leverages 300 MW of power capacity and 90,000 sqm of data center space to deliver scalable data center solutions to a wide range of customers. As a member of the NTT Communications Group of companies, e-shelter provides access to a global network of 140 data centers.


Apart from offering a complete “one-stop shopping” experience for clients, e-shelter also offers a truly meaningful cloud laboratory for customers and innovators alike. The e-shelter innovation lab is where new ideas in cloud technology become reality. Through their rich ecosystem consisting of various user types, their real world testing and validation opportunities for distributed architectures, and access to an ever growing and capable knowledge community, e-shelter offers clients the ability to not only manage their cloud requirements, but also meaningfully grow and develop within an ever changing landscape that best addresses their evolving needs.


E-shelter’s innovation lab enables you to reduce the time and resources it takes to build your own test cases and capability demonstrations. It allows you to create numerous use cases for customers’ needs on leading hardware platforms and development environments and build and perform proof of concepts with your customers based on their unique requirements. It’s an entirely new sales channel that enables you to differentiate your offerings with customized, innovative trials in a secure, stable environment.


e-shelter is about flexibility – the kind of flexibility you need in providing clients with up-to-date options in managing and accessing data within a context of ever changing opportunities and challenges


In keeping with this spirit, NOIA Network and e-shelter are now committed to working together in order to develop mutually beneficial implementation of their ever developing innovations.


This is indeed a great opportunity for NOIA Network, where its distributed content delivery layer (CDN) utilizes a widely dispersed edge node network to realize increased Internet performance. e-shelter will facilitate various clusters for NOIA of both private and public connected nodes needed for development, performance and reliability testing, in addition to the formation of the first private CDN network. Working with select partners, e-shelter will apply dedicated hardware clusters connected to best internet exchanges, deploying and orchestrating VPS clusters from various providers across different locations using “Docker”, “Terraform” and “Kubernetes” among other technologies, in order to provide NOIA with a full range of experiential opportunities.


In short, e-shelter will provide NOIA with the opportunities to:

  • Ensure high performance network clusters for testing, running private networks and ensuring SLA in public network
  • Deploy, orchestrate and monitor clusters of Virtual Private Servers in an automated and reliable way
  • Ensure on-demand scalability of VPS or network resources


NOIA Network is greatly excited about the opportunity of working with e-shelter – and will host a meetup at the upcoming German Blockchain Week Event presented by e-shelter.