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Node Code to be Open-Sourced

We are super excited to announce that we released our NOIA Node source code on GitHub. Take a look at it here!

Next up is the start of NOIA Network’s DEMO program with the enabling of a PUBLIC TESTNET network and releasing a downloadable client for use on main operating systems. This will enable anyone to download and launch a NOIA Node and take part in our PUBLIC TESTNET.

To avoid people having to buy domain names and set up SSL certificates, we are setting up a separate page with HTTP containing certain selected content. Once our client is downloaded, this selected content can then be served, making participation in our PUBLIC TESTNET DEMO easier.

The next step in the PUBLIC DEMO program will require the Node client to be updated in order to work with WebRTC protocol. While Websockets technology has served us well, we are switching to WebRTC technology as our delivery protocol. (This will also do away with the need for domain names and SSL certificates).

Updating all Nodes to this new protocol will enable the creation of a larger PUBLIC TESTNET, merging our own hosted server nodes with each of the newly created participating Nodes.

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