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Meet our new advisor Edwin-Alexander Kuss

Edwin-Alexander Kuss has joined our Board of Advisors! He will be helping us refine and improve our sales strategy as well as increase our connectedness in the industry.

Currently, Edwin-Alexander Kuss is a Sales Director for Central Europe at Limelight Networks – one of the TOP 5 Content Delivery Network (CDN) service providers in the world. He’s experienced and connected in a number of markets ranging from Media & Broadcasters, Enterprise, E-commerce, Gaming & Gambling to adult entertainment and Telcos.

During his time in the CDN industry, Edwin-Alexander has gained insights on the limitations of current infrastructure. This knowledge was one of the main reasons why Edwin-Alexander Kuss decided to join the NOIA Network team. “Working several years in the CDN industry as a Sales Director I experience on a regular basis the limitations when it comes to use cases around VR, AR, 8K, IOT. The decentralized P2P network approach of NOIA has the potential to support such use-cases in a better way. Combined with a very low price and blockchain technology for security and revenue sharing models it makes the decentralized NOIA Network the CDN for the new internet.” shares Edwin-Alexander.

With Edwin-Alexander on board, NOIA becomes an even more experienced and well-rounded organization. We’re certain that this new relationship will accelerate NOIA Network’s growth and bring new opportunities for further development.

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