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Get the Edge with NOIA Edge

As you may know, NOIA Network is currently running a Testnet – and everyone is invited to download the NOIA client and set up a node on their computer here. 

However, to ensure the most capable way of managing your node, NOIA Network is developing its very own hardware device, the NOIA Edge®.

This NOIA Edge® device will greatly enhance, improve and optimize the NOIA Token earning power of every NOIA Node by ensuring that shared bandwidth and available storage are managed and accessed most effectively.

Why should you care? Simply stated, with a NOIA Edge®, you can expect to boost your NOIA Token earnings well beyond just covering the cost of your monthly internet bill.

Being equipped with traditional router functionality, the NOIA Edge® device maintains a stable connection and guarantees 24/7 uptime potential. That means your NOIA Node is always on the job, continuously delivering content across the internet even while you sleep – and more importantly, even while running other programs on your computer.

Being connected to the internet via ethernet cable, the device will consume a negligible amount of electricity, so can always be left plugged-in.

While initially the NOIA Edge® will function as a dedicated specialized network router, a series of planned special features are scheduled to be added to offer a wide range of nifty capabilities.

But regardless of any special additional features, the NOIA Edge® will always and primarily manage available bandwidth to fulfill content delivery requests in the most efficient way.

Plus being a separate device, it will not be subject to interruption by unrelated programs and processes that may otherwise negatively affect performance.

It’s an exciting development and a significant component in NOIA Network’s new content delivery infrastructure.

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