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Download the NOIA Node Client and run it on your machine in order to qualify for a weekly airdrop of 200 NOIA tokens. Be among the first to contribute your bandwidth and storage resources and help develop and improve the network. Limited slots available.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can be a node? How does it work? What kind of devices can be used to set up a node?
As the technology utilizes the unused bandwidth and storage from a computer, or any other device with access to the internet, anyone can simply download our client onto their Windows/Linux/MacOS machine and immediately become a node - exchanging their bandwidth and storage for NOIA Tokens. Data centers, as well as Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), can also participate in the same way.
Will my connection and data be safe? Will it be possible for someone to access my personal files on my computer?
To ensure security and privacy, we have developed purposed technical solutions. For example, by establishing only trustworthy master nodes, all content transferred via NOIA network will be validated. In addition, the node serving the content, will be unable to know what data is downloaded as it will be encrypted. Files on any nodes' computer will be perfectly safe, as only content that is designated public will be delivered through the network. To ensure an additional grade of security while providing better governing processes, our master node will be centralized until such time as the network has been thoroughly tested.
How will you know which node delivers what content and how do you measure how much of it they deliver?
We use our master nodes to distribute "Job Posts" on blockchain, and each individual node will discover those posts and contact our master nodes for the “signing” of "Work Contracts". Our master nodes then will be responsible for the collecting of statistics from both browsers or app clients and nodes, in order to calculate the reward, detect fraud and control quality of service.
Is this demo already downloading the content from actual nodes or is it just a visual representation of the process? How many nodes am I allowed to set up?
The demo is already downloading data from the nodes we have set-up across the globe. In general, it is recommended to have no more than one node per public IP address. Violating this rule could be detected by the master nodes and affect the node rating.
What is a Master Node?
Master nodes are used exclusively for request handling/pooling, load balancing for worker (regular) nodes, fastest road discovery and so on. In order to ensure the highest possible quality by way of the active management of the NOIA worker nodes, initially our CSL (content-scaling layer) cloud controller and master nodes will be fully run and maintained by the NOIA team. In the future, the goal will be to open up the NOIA Network protocol so that anyone can build their own master node and bid for worker node resources in a smart contract marketplace.
What is the recommended storage space, bandwidth speed and CPU power rating required for setting up a node?
Storage space: In general, the more storage you have, the more flexibility there will be in how the NOIA master nodes use your node. While there is no minimum requirement, 200 GB would ensure a good level of utilization. Bandwidth speed: There is no minimum bandwidth speed requirement in order to run a node. However, to make it worthwhile, we recommend having at least a 20Mbps internet upload speed. CPU power: Running the node client is not CPU intensive, and our node client is also cross platform.
Will my download speed slow down if I run a NOIA node in the background?
If your node is fully utilizing the upload bandwidth, it may affect your download speed due to the download protocol usually needing to upload ACK packages to remote and thereby contributing to some congestion. Our node clients will come with a setting to allow you to control the maximum upload speed.
Can I set up limits for my bandwidth and storage usage?
Yes, there will be settings in the node client to enable you to select your desired limits.