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NOIA Network Becomes a Founding Member of Web3Infra Alliance

We are co-founding the Web3Infra Alliance with the aim of creating an open developer platform for Web 3.0 applications that thrive in a decentralized and shared economy.

Welcome to 2019!

We wish everyone a very happy and prosperous and fulfilling new year! May it be the year that beings everyone’s desires to fruition. Let’s make 2019 as incredible as can be!

Alpha Version Launch plus the Timing of our ICO

We’re thrilled to announce our latest update – the launch of our Alpha version is here!

NOIA Network partners with e-shelter

Once again, NOIA Network is happy to announce yet another meaningful partnership, this time with e-shelter, one of the leading data center operators in Europe, providing highly secure environments for housing and connectivity of IT and network systems.

Important Update about Receiving Your Testnet Airdrop

NOIA network is making a huge step towards improving its product – the first decentralized Content Delivery Network. Today we are announcing the first significant change that, together with other upcoming updates, will mark a new phase for the NOIA Network testnet.

NOIA Network to Build Network on Hedera Hashgraph

This exciting development means NOIA Network will be building an additional node network using Hedera hashgraph’s public distributed ledger platform.

Meet our new advisor Joony Koo

Joony Koo – a new advisor joining our business development team to further accelerate growth.

NOIA 2.0

We want to introduce the second phase of NOIA Network — one that brings the project another very significant step closer to the goal.

Meet our Network Capacity Advisor Ahmed Shawky, PhD

With extensive expertise in Telecommunication Networks and Data Science\Analysis, Ahmed also has a…

Meet our new advisor Edwin-Alexander Kuss

Edwin-Alexander Kuss has joined our Board of Advisors!

A Quick Update about the NOIA Network Testnet

With NOIA Network’s Public Testnet up and running now for a couple of weeks, we felt it would be a good time to provide an update on how it’s been going so far.

NOIA Network Partner with Portal Network: A Case of Love at First Sight

NOIA Network is excited to announce a new partnership with Portal Network to develop content delivery services for decentralized websites and ‘dapps’ (decentralized applications).

Get the Edge with NOIA Edge

To ensure the most capable way of managing your node, NOIA Network is developing its very own hardware device, the NOIA Edge.

The Volumetric Video revolution brought to you by EF EVE™ and NOIA Network

EF EVE™ and NOIA Network announce a new partnership!

Meet our new advisor Marc X. Ellul!

We’re introducing our legal advisor Marc X. Ellul – the Managing Partner of Ellul & Co.

The First NOIA Network DEMO is now Available!

We are releasing an MVP (minimal viable product) DEMO version of our NOIA Network decentralized content delivery system on our PRIVATE TESTNET network.

Node Code to be Open-Sourced

We are super excited to announce that we are releasing our NOIA Node source code on GitHub.

Meet our new advisor Tobias Sproehnle!

Our Advisory Board is getting stronger yet again!

Meet our new advisor Daniel Hulme!

He will be assisting us in the realm of AI and machine learning implementation.

Partnership with Baltneta Takes NOIA Closer to Actuality

Here’s a closer look at the one of the more important aspects of the recently announced Baltneta/NOIA Network partnership.

Meet our Advisor James D. Robinson

His Past? Building the Biggest Content Delivery Network in the World.
His Future? Revolutionizing the Internet Once Again.

January Development Update

It’s been some time now since our last development update, but the good thing is – it was due to full focus on the product – we worked really hard to introduce many significant updates to our network.

Weekly Development Update

Another week has passed and we already have new updates from our developers team. The NOIA Node release candidate and the NOIA SDK are still in the works but you can check out our ongoing progress.

Weekly Development Update

We’re continuing our work on many aspects of the product. One of the main ones at the momement is Blockchain Integration. Read on to get more details on our current work.

Weekly Development Update

Explore our new user interface today and check out what’s coming soon on our weekly development update with NOIA architect Miao.

Weekly Development Update

Be sure to catch our latest Weekly Development Update. With all the promising work in progress coming on strong, a series of important updates are expected soon.

Weekly Development Update

We are working towards phase two of the testnet…

Weekly Development Update

Summer break is over – we are back with our weekly development updates!

Weekly Development Update

Even though there hasn’t been any major breakthroughs this week, we’re working hard and steadily moving towards…

Weekly Development Update

Our developers remain focused and on course. They are getting closer and closer to…

Weekly Development Update

Last week NOIA Network developers went on tour. Main goal of the trip — present NOIA Network to our partner’s Portal.Network hackathon

Weekly Development Update

Last week was huge for NOIA Network and decentralized web infrastructure!

NOIA Network, the Future and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS)

IPFS has been a recent and extremely significant innovation.

How NOIA Network is Decentralized

NOIA architect/developer Miao Zhicheng wants to help you understand in what ways NOIA Network is a decentralized network. Here’s what he had to say on the subject.

Weekly Development Update

What a productive week! Thanks to that, we have exciting things to show you.

Weekly Development Update

The week was truly intense. Many improvements were made to the existing NOIA Node Client Testnet.

Weekly Development Update

This time our weekly development update is shorter than usual. Yet nonetheless, our NOIA Architect Miao still manages…

PUBLIC TESTNET: Release of Open-Sourcing Node Code and Downloadable Client

Next up in NOIA Network’s DEMO program is…

Weekly Development Update

What a special week!

Our DEMO is up and running and NOIA Node code is released to the public on GitHub!

The First NOIA Network DEMO is now Available!

We are releasing an MVP (minimal viable product) DEMO version of our NOIA Network decentralized content delivery system on our PRIVATE TESTNET network.

Node Code to be Open-Sourced

We are super excited to announce that we are releasing our NOIA Node source code on GitHub.

Weekly Development Update

Another week passed by and a lot has been done. Here’s our latest development update presented by our Chief architect Miao.

Weekly Development Update

Pay close attention. NOIA architect Miao Zhicheng is announcing some exciting news. (Watch video below)

Weekly Development Update

Our developers have great news for those who want to dive deeper into our CSL master node delivery protocol.

Weekly Development Update

This week our developers worked together with our partners Blockvis and pushed NOIA network even further – we saw an important updates on our ETH standards. Here’s what’s new!

An Inside Look at a NOIA Network Architecture Session

Bringing together our international team of experts for a workshop session was proving a tricky task. Yet last week, all the pieces fell into place…

Weekly Development Update

Our developers have been busy with lots of challenging on-going work. Nevertheless, they also found time to do some research on an interesting subject.

Weekly Development Update

Here’s the latest news from our developers team.

Weekly Development Update

Watch the latest development update from NOIA as presented by Miao …

Weekly Development Update

NOIA Network developers are gaining momentum!

Weekly Development Update

Last week went by fast. Nevertheless, it was a very productive one for the NOIA Network development team.

Software Defined Network

Cloud computing and storage services have benefited largely from virtualization and automation, but network limitations still make it difficult to capitalize on these advantages. SDN has the power to kickstart data centers by offering flexibility, control and a direct path to virtualization.

Building Web 3.0 applications

A couple of weeks ago a few members of our team went to San Francisco to take part in a workshop together with three blockchain projects – Bluzelle, NKN and Portal Network. The goal of the workshop was to build a Web 3.0 application using each of the four technologies.

The “Brains” of The Internet is Outdated. What should be done about it?

BGP is the protocol that makes the Internet work. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) submits data across the internet and is responsible for selecting the best route from all the available paths that data can travel, which usually means hopping between autonomous systems.

NOIA Network and a Well-Balanced Future

Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes. In other words, it’s a search for inspiration for innovation by observing nature.

What’s been holding back the Creative Fields from fully moving to the Cloud?

Computer-aided design (CAD) software has been widely adopted and used in many industries.  Architecture, design, engineering and art are just a few of the many fields that have been affected.

Here’s What’s Still Lacking in Artificial Intelligence

How does ArtificiaI Intelligence(AI) Currently Work?

Bringing the Next Wave of Amazing Movies and TV Series to the Internet – How NOIA Network Can Make this Happen.

NOIA Network is about to impact many industries. We’ve already talked about it here, here and here. Movies and TV streaming will be one of these industries.

What NOIA Offers to the Internet of Things

As you may be aware, the “Internet of Things” revolution is already underway, and shows no signs of slowing down.

We’ll Never Enjoy VR or AR Until We Solve This Problem

VR and AR are on the verge of changing industries. It’s not a question of “if”. It’s a question of “when”.

NOIA Network Checks All the Boxes for Online Gaming !

The online gaming industry in 2018 is expected to be worth USD 138 billion – an increase of over 13% from 2017.

The Volumetric Video revolution brought to you by EF EVE™ and NOIA Network

EF EVE™ and NOIA Network announce a new partnership!

NOIA Network Living in a 5G World

What will NOIA look like in a 5G world?

A Snapshot Look at 5G

5G literally means “fifth generation mobile networks” and refers to the coming next generation system for connecting to the internet …