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Alpha Version Launch plus the Timing of our ICO

Focus on the Product


We’re thrilled to announce our latest update – the launch of our Alpha version is here! Up until now, the SDK in our back-end was turned off. In this new alpha version, we’re turning on our SDK to finally enable content to be cached on the NOIA Network. Businesses will now be able to test our network of nodes by caching  their content on the NOIA Network. Our Alpha version will now enable:


  • Websites, dapps and applications will be able to use the NOIA SDK to cache their website and application content.
  • NOIA Nodes run by people will be used to cache and deliver content to applications
  • NOIA SDK will be able to cache static files(pictures,GIFs, mp4, etc.) as well as stream Video files using HTML5 or your chosen player.


The development of a SDK is one of the crucial technological elements in a well-functioning CDN (Content Delivery Network) which is made up of many technological units. Running a CDN alpha simply means setting up a SDK which can then cache files throughout the nodes of NOIA Network and serve content to users browsers. In testing our Alpha version businesses will improve the intelligence of the network, experience the potential flexibility of our product and help us all move forward, toward Internet acceleration.

Start delivering your content now through NOIA Network HERE


ICO update


While the release of our Alpha version clearly demonstrates our commitment and focus on product development, we’ve also continued to consult with investors, advisors and exchanges to select the best timing for the strongest possible ICO for NOIA Network.


In order to maximize the benefits to our stakeholders and ensure the long-term success of our project, we will remain focused on product development and plan to launch our ICO within the first half of 2019.


Currently, the only way to get access to NOIA tokens is to run NOIA nodes. We encourage the community to help us build the network and thus earn a share of the whole token supply.


For any questions regarding our newest updates, you can always find us on Telegram.