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A Quick Update about the NOIA Network Testnet

With NOIA Network’s Public Testnet up and running now for a couple of weeks, we felt it would be a good time to provide an update on how it’s been going so far.

Well, the response has been fantastic and currently there are close to 500 Nodes operating and delivering decentralized content through our network – with a good mix of both public and private nodes.

All our efforts to get people involved in helping us build the first decentralized internet network dedicated to content delivery is really starting to bear fruit.

Plus the feedback we’ve been receiving is proving invaluable in helping us fine tune and further  improve our network (see the improvements we’ve been making here ).

Of course, we still hope to attract many more participants to our Public Testnet – so all you fence-sitters out there, while we love you following us and showing interest, we really need you to get off down off that fence and join in.

The more you help us build our network by joining in and giving us feedback, the better we can improve and grow our system.

The client download and setup is very straightforward and easy, so you could be running your very own NOIA Node in no time at all.

Plus don’t forget, during the Testnet we are rewarding each participant with 200 NOIA Tokens per week (based on up-time participation). And your earnings don’t stop with the end of the Testnet. You can continue to earn as long as you are part of the NOIA Network and your earnings could go some way towards covering your internet related service costs (i.e. Netflix, Spotify, etc.).

Join today and begin to fully experience NOIA Network’s Win-Win-Win effect.

Together we can build the world’s first truly decentralized content delivery network – an exciting new venture that will re-shape our world.

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