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Presenting NOIA Cache

NOIA Cache is a distributed content delivery technology which increases website loading performance and helps optimize costs.

Open-Source technology

Ready to be used on NOIA Network nodes or deployed as a private content delivery network.
What is noia?

Distributed edge network

  • Content delivery infrastructure layer (CDN). High-throughput network of edge nodes that runs on native data delivery protocol (CSL) and is based on a blockchain-enabled smart contracts layer.
  • Middleware for optimisation. Performance layer designed to be utilized by any website or application from either the traditional, or the decentralized Internet infrastructure, to increase overall efficiency of content delivery.
How does it work?

Bandwidth marketplace

  • Bandwidth utilization. An economic model that employs spare bandwidth capacity from household computers, routers and data centers throughout the world, to create a widely distributed caching layer.
  • Open platform: Blockchain based governance structure that allows permissionless participation to create different solutions through NOIA Network.
How does it work?

Accelerating Network Usage

Usage growth was caused by gradual increase in application and website integrations, development of the node network and advancement in testing acitivities.
  • 150+ websites using the network
  • 4800+ NOIA Nodes
  • 300+ nodes active every second
  • 25TB+ allocated storage
School students setting up NOIA Nodes in Madagascar. (LEARN MORE)
How does it work?

Better Internet in areas with poor connectivity

Academic institutions and Non-governmental organisations are adopting NOIA Cache technology to help development of Internet technologies in their region.

NOIA Cache technology is already in Hawaii, South Africa, Laos, Madagascar and other locations around the globe.

Share your bandwidth and get paid
It’s simple. You create the network - You receive the reward. A weekly airdrop of 200 NOIA tokens is up for grabs. All you have to do is download the NOIA Node client and run it on your device. Be among the first to contribute your spare bandwidth and storage to a network that is reshaping the infrastructure of the Internet as we know it.
Participate now
Get approved
Sign up on NOIA Network Dashboard and complete your KYC application in order to get approved and therefore qualify for the Airdrop.
Start running your node today and begin earning rewards for participation - you can complete your KYC later when receiving your first Airdrop.
Get started
Now visit NOIA Network GitHub page and follow instructions there to download the NOIA Node Client software and install it on your machine.
Here are the requirements that must be met to be eligible for an airdrop:
Correct ETH address
ETH address in your KYC application must be the same as the ETH address in your Node settings
Open ports
Both the 8058 UDP data port and the 8048 TCP control port must be opened. Our team is ready to help.
Your node must be running for at least 72 hours a week (aggregate time) *Timer resets every Friday at 12 pm UTC.
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Log in to your NOIA Network dashboard to learn more
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NOIA Network reserves the right to change details of Testnet participation conditions / instructions / requirements. Testnet participants will not receive any tokens until the Token Generation Event. The record of each participant’s payouts will be kept on our database until the Token Generation Event, after which the tokens will be distributed.
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