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Weekly Development Update

Our developers remain focused and on course. They are getting closer and closer to finishing the direct integration of WebRTC. This week we are making it public so you can review the code. But let’s jump straight to the updates in more detail.

Work In Progress

WebRTC direct integration

It’s public! Review it at:

Proxy Feature

We’ve discovered that for the same reason that a node without a SLL certificate could not serve content to users via websocket, the signalling part of the WebRTC-direct could not be accessed by browsers either.

So we need a proxy feature that masters would support, which forwards requests to the right nodes.

NOIA governance reference clients

To demonstrate how noia-governance works, reference clients are being built. You can check out the work progress at

Upcoming NOIA Event

1st Aug — NOIA at Helsinki Ethereum Meetup:

We will be presenting along with Zippie, the blockchain smartphone project. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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